Anton Skrabl Organ Builders
  Skrabl UK is delighted to have been appointed exclusive UK agent for Anton Skrabl and will oversee all installation and maintenance obligations for this most exciting and exacting new organ builder eager to become established in the UK.

Skrabl Organ Builders

Skrabl is a classical church organ manufacturer from Slovenia with a growing reputation and an expanding business with installations across Europe.  His instruments are a delight and use the very best and most up to date mechanical action throughout.

I have visited his workshop several times and have been impressed with both his manufacturing techniques and the standard of design and production.  Skrabl is perhaps unique in that he relies on no other manufacturer for even the smallest of his action components.  CAD design is used throughout and the resulting instruments are a refreshingly remarkable combination of traditional organ manufacture and ingenuity.
Slovenia is one of the newer members of the EEC and at the present time there is an attractive difference in the relative cost of manufacture.   This is apparent in the cost of Skrabl organs which are significantly cheaper than the equivalent standard organ building in the UK and elsewhere.
At the present time there isn't a Skrabl installation in England and Anton Skrabl is particularly keen to change that and would make a very attractive deal with his first installation.  I am very pleased to be appointed as his agent in this country.  I would oversee, maintain and warrant any installation.

would very much welcome your enquiry for a new mechanical organ from Skrabl.I believe he will willingly bid very competitively to establish himself in the UK market.

Richard Wood
Skrabl UK