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After Sale Service

Škrabl: A guaranteed, effective after-sales service

Organists find reassurance in the guaranteed 24-hour service provided by Škrabl. 

Our growing activity in the UK over the past 10 years has required that regular tuning and maintenance be carried out by a team of UK-based craftsman organ builders.

Staff from the factory in Slovenia are responsible for the installation, initial tuning and maintenance but are backed up by a qualified, experienced UK team with workshop facilities.

This means that we are able to offer a fully comprehensive and prompt maintenance and tuning service throughout the life of an instrument.




Contact us to arrange maintenance or tuning
  • Any new organ is accompanied by an annual service contract which allows for a major inspection and annual tuning visit.
  • Minor issues, including fine regulation and even the polishing of display pipes, are included in that visit.
  • Regular tuning and maintenance is the best way to ensure an organ's reliability, enabling us to recognise and effectively resolve any small problems that may occur.
Opus 295 Brugge

Opus 295 Brugge