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Chamber Organs

Škrabl: Creator of fine chamber organs

Škrabl produces a number of superbly crafted chamber organs designed for flexibility and ease of use in the home, church or concert hall. They range from one-stop Portatives to a four-stop Positive with pedalboard.

A popular model is the Box Organ, pictured right with details below.

  • I. manual C – g’’’ , 56 notes
  • Bourdon 8’. Pine-pear wood, 56 pipes.
  • Flöte 4’. Pine, 56 pipes.
  • Prinzipal 2’. Tin, 75%, 56 pipes.
  • Quint 1 1/3’. Tin, 75%, 56 pipes.

Height: 1155 mm. Width: 1125 mm. Depth: 630 mm (150 mm key cheek).

Pedalboard: C-d’ ; depth 630 mm.

Manual: Naturals, ebony. Sharps, pear wood with bone plates.

Soundboard: Oak frame with Perdinax sliders.

Bellows: Pine wood with sheepskin.

Blower: Quiet with sound seal.

Key action: Mechanical with sticker.

Stop action: Mechanical.

Drawstop knobs: Ebony handles with porcelain plates.

Bench: Cherry wood/oak wood/pine wood, adjustable.

Case: Cherry /oak /pine wood with lacquering. (Other woods possible).

Decoration: Hand-carved lime wood.

It is possible to add pull-down pedals or an independent Subbass 16’.

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OS- 4 registri in pedalno

OS- 4 registri in pedalno

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