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New Skrabl organ in South Yorkshire described as 'an absolute gem'

The Skrabl organ in Holy Rood Church, Barnsley Click image to enlarge

A video demonstration of the Skrabl organ in the Church of the Holy Rood, Barnsley, has been made by the organist, conductor and composer, Gareth Green, MA, FRCO.

Gareth held organ scholarships at St Paul’s Cathedral, London, Oxford University and Canterbury Cathedral before joining the music staff at Wakefield Cathedral. From his base in South Yorkshire, he now runs Music Matters, an online music education course. 

In a detailed assessment, he describes the two-manual instrument in Holy Rood as player-friendly and an absolute gem, praising the quality of its voicing, action, craftsmanship and appearance.

"This is an absolutely gorgeous mechanical action organ," he says.



GREAT: Open Diapason 8, Gemshorn 8, Voce Umana 8, Principal 4, Mixture III/IV ranks, Tremulant.

CHOIR: Stopped diapason 8, Spitzflute 4, Nazard 2.2/3, Principal 2, Terz 1.3/5

PEDAL: Bourdon 16, Fagot 16

Couplers: II-I, II-Ped, I-Pet
Key action: Mechanical. Stop action: Electrical with simple setter for toe pistons.