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Our Lady of Victories

The Skrabl organ in the Church of Our Lady of Victories, Kensington

The Grand Organ of Our Lady of Victories, Kensington, London, was commissioned in 2019, and completed in 2021. There are 53 speaking stops over four manual divisions and pedals.

It is constructed and voiced in the French Symphonic style — inspired by the 19th century work of Aristide Cavaillé-Coll. Inspiration for the instrument and console is drawn from several Parisian instruments: Notre Dame Cathedral, La Madeleine, and Sacre Coeur.

This French style is also allied to a number of British design features and 21st-Century characteristics, such as a 'pedal divide' function. Some of the pipework from the old instrument was retained and restored, and these surviving pipes have been incorporated into the new organ, alongside the brand new pipework.

The versatility of the instrument allows the organ to be used very effectively in a wide range of musical styles. both for the accompaniment of choral repertoire, improvisation, and for solo organ music.

The organ design process was led by Director of Music Timothy Macklin and consultant David Bednall, with advice from several leading international organists

Specification of the Grand Organ in the Church of Our Lady of Victories, Kensington, London

PÉDALE (32 notes)

Contrebass 32
Soubasse 32
Contrebasse 16
Principal 16
Bourdon 16
Prestant 8
Flûte 8
Octave 4
Contre Bombarde 32
Bombarde 16
Trompette 8

I: GRAND ORGUE (61 notes)
Bourdon 16
Montre 8
Diapason 8
Bourdon 8
Flûte harmonique 8
Prestant 4
Flûte 4
Octave 2
Trompette 8
Clairon 4
Quinte 2 2/3
Fourniture IV
Recit - Grand Orgue 16
Grand Orgue 16
Grand Orgue 4
Grand Orgue annulation 8

II: POSITIF (61 notes)
Diapason 8
Bourdon 8
Rohrflûte 8
Viole de gambe 8
Voix céleste 8
Octave 4
Bourdon 4
Octave 2
Dulciane 8
Quinte 2 2/3
Tierce 1 3/5
Trémolo Positif
Positif 16
Positif 4
Positif annulation 8

Bourdon 16
Diapason 8
Bourdon 8
Violoncelle 8
Voix angélique 8
Flûte ouverte 4
Nazard 2 2/3
Octavin 2
Hautbois 16
Trompette 8
Hautbois 8
Voix humaine 8
Clairon 4
Plein jeu IV
Trémolo Récit
Récit 16
Récit 4
Récit annulation 8

IV: BOMBARDE (61 notes)
Flûte traversière 8
Flûte traversière 4
Trompette Pontificale 16
Trompette Pontificale 8
Trompette Pontificale 4

Tirasse Grand Orgue
Tirasse Positif
Tirasse Récit Expressif 
Tirasse Bombarde

Positif - Grand Orgue
Récit - Grand Orgue
Bombarde - Grand Orgue
Récit - Positif
Bombarde - Positif
Bombarde - Recit
Grand Orgue - Bombarde

Tutti I
Tutti II
Divisional pistons 1 - 10 
General pistons 1 - 10 (to 999)
Pedal divide

The organ is located on the a gallery at the west end of the church and large screen will be installed, giving the audience a close-up view of the organist.